Voice Overs and Narration

A great voice talent is someone who adds a characteristic sound identity to his or her product or service, just like designers create their unique visual identity.

Our works begins with the briefing review and is followed by suggesting matching voice talents, negotiating fees e granting of related rights, and, finally, by the recording itself, which includes artistic direction, accent guidance (in the case of foreign languages), editing and delivery in the customer’s format of choice.

In addition to professionals considered a reference in the market (the most familiar voices in marketing videos), we also offer a diversified cast of narrators and voice talentes for each kind of project and for every size of budget.

For projects in foreign languages, our cast includes native speakers in English (UK and US), Spanish (Latin-American and Iberian), French, Italian, German and Japanese, among others. And we also feature children and teenagers who are native speakers of English or Spanish.